Exercise/Sports Injuries
(including Sprains and Strains)

Exercise is sometimes referred to as the “best medicine,” however it can also cause injuries, whether that be due to sports, gym classes, Crossfit, etc.  Improper training/equipment, accidents, muscular imbalances are just a few of the many reasons some of these injuries occur. 

The most common sports injuries are:

  1. Sprains and Strains
  2. Knee Injuries
  3. Swollen Muscles
  4. Achilles tendon injuries
  5. Pain along the shin bone
  6. Rotator cuff injuries
  7. Fractures (broken bones)
  8. Dislocations

Shore Points Physical Therapists are specially trained to evaluate each patient individually and work alongside their patient to develop goals and a care plan to address their needs to return to the sport of their choice. 

Our facility is equipped with many pieces of equipment to address these deficits, including but not limited to upper and lower extremity weight machines, treadmill, recumbent bicycle, upright bicycle, upper extremity bicycle, parallel bars, stairs, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation.

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