TMJ Dysfunction/Pain and Headaches

The Temporomandibular joint, located just in front of the ears is a critical link between the head and neck and can often be a source of pain. Complex biomechanics are involved in the control of posture and its role in the health of the cervical spine and the movement of the joint itself. Disorders in this area require a thorough musculoskeletal and intraoral assessment to identify the movement dysfunction at the source of the problem.

Common complaints of patients with TMJ dysfunction are

  1. Tenderness in the face, jaw, and neck when swallowing, chewing, biting, talking, yelling or yawning
  2. Loss of range of motion in the jaw upon opening or attempting to eat or yawn. There may also be limited ROM in the cervical spine. In some cases, patients may experience a “lock” in the open or closed position due to a pathology of the disc within the joint.
  3. A “clicking” sensation in the face or ear while moving the jaw.
  4. A sense of “fullness” or pain within the ear.
  5. Headaches may be present even in the absence of facial pain.
  6. Tinnitus and/or dizziness
    We collaborate closely with our Dental colleagues to ensure that patients have received a thorough dental assessment and then carefully develop a comprehensive treatment program of manual intervention and movement recovery.

Stop in and discuss with our therapists if this could be the root of your jaw or headache pain and if physical therapy could help return you to a pain-free life.

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