Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

At Shore Points Physical Therapy we look at surgery with a two-pronged approach.  Research shows that patients who receive physical therapy prior to surgery, result in better outcomes following surgery. This is why we believe in both physical and mental preparation for most orthopedic procedures.  “Better strength and range of motion going in, causes better strength and range of motion coming out.” 

Post-op rehabilitation, including but not limited to, ACL/Meniscal repair, rotator cuff reconstructions, spinal fusions, joint arthroplasty, and foot/ankle reconstruction, all will require extensive neuromuscular re-education to not only restore strength and range of motion but to also normalize movement patterns and muscle control.  This allows us to optimize physical performance and return our patients to a higher level of function and performance. 

Shore Points Physical Therapists are specially trained to evaluate each patient individually and work alongside their patient to develop goals and a care plan to address their needs to return to the sport of their choice.

Our facility is equipped with many pieces of equipment to address these deficits, including but not limited to upper and lower extremity weight machines, treadmill, recumbent bicycle, upright bicycle, upper extremity bicycle, parallel bars, stairs, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation.

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